Southern Environmental (SEI) can upgrade the performance of most fabric filters and precipitators.  Recent changes to the U.S. emission standards are driving all companies to evaluate replacement or modification of their existing equipment.  SEI is a custom solution provider and has devoted the last 40 years to applying its knowledge base to custom engineered upgrade or retrofit solutions.  Performance upgrades and enhancement may include the following:


Fabric Filter Systems


Gas distribution modifications

Filter media change

Controls upgrade

Compartmental expansion

Ash removal system modifications

Sorbent change – for acid gas scrubbing solutions

Electrostatic Precipitator Systems


Gas distribution modifications

Substitution of SEI/ELEX rigid discharge electrodes

Sectionalization modifications

Increase collecting electrode spacing

Rapping system upgrade

Controls upgrade

Ash removal system modifications

Increase collecting area vertically or in the direction of gas flow

Power supply upgrades

Module expansion – Wet ESP


Each system is unique and requires our engineers to evaluate each unit’s particular challenges.  There is never a question as to whether we make it better.  SEI can always make the equipment operate better.  The question remains:  “What is the best approach that meets our customer’s operating, maintenance and economic objectives?”

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