Westar Energy, Inc.

Jeffrey Energy Center

25905 Jeffrey Rd.

St. Marys, KS 66536


Scope of Work:

Southern Environmental, Inc. provided detailed engineering, material supply, fabrication, construction and start-up services. SEI/ELEX rigid discharge electrodes and High Frequency Switch-Mode Power Supplies were utilized to achieve increased collection efficiency within the same footprint. In addition to the rebuilds, SEI also performed several structural studies for Westar, as well as designed and installed the proper reinforcement needed to accommodate the higher draft system pressures requested.



3 Units - 750 MW Coal Fired Power Boiler


Project Duration:

8 week outage on each unit


Detailed Engineering in the following disciplines:






Fabrication and Erection Services:

ESP Fabrication

Field Technical Support

Mechanical Construction

Insulation Installation

Electrical Installation


Emissions Guarantee: 0.015 lb/mmBTU Inlet Gas Flow: 3,706,000 ACFM at 350F per unit




Corporate Headquarters:  6690 West Nine Mile Road, Pensacola, FL  32526   850-944-4475   apcsales@sei-group.com

Midwest Engineering Office: 921 Eastwind Drive, Suite 115, Westerville, OH 43081   614-259-6505