Hoosier Energy

Merom Generating Station

5500 W. Old 54, Sullivan, IN 47882


Challenge:  The advent of MATS requires greater acid gas and particulate control.  SEI was tasked with designing an ESP retrofit solution that addresses greater particulate capture with the addition of dry sorbents upstream of the ESP.  The solution had to be implemented during an eight week outage subject to limited work area.


Southern Environmental’s Solution:

Southern Environmental, Inc. provided 2 new 500 MW state-of-the-art S3 ESPs with high frequency power supplies using SEI-ELEX electrodes.  The ESP is designed with wide plate spacing, top rapped systems, seven foot penthouse and new hoppers.  The SEI design allowed for reuse of the existing structural steel and construction of a new ESP above the ash handling system during an eight week outage.  SEI achieved far lower emissions within the same footprint and with a much larger inlet loading due to DSI/ACI injection for SO3 control.


Project Duration:

PO Received: Nov. 2010

8 week outage each unit

Unit #2 Spring 2012

Unit #1 Spring 2013


Detailed Engineering in the following disciplines:






Fabrication and Erection Services:

ESP Fabrication

Field Technical Support

Mechanical Construction

Insulation Installation

Electrical Installation


Scope of Work:

Southern Environmental, Inc. provided detailed engineering, material supply, fabrication, construction and start-up services to retrofit the ESPs for Units #1 and #2.  The first unit was installed in the Spring of 2012.  The second unit was installed during the Spring 2013 outage.  Each unit was designed and built from the hopper support steel up including new hoppers, structural modifications, casing, internals, roof and power equipment.  SEI’s S3 technology was utilized to achieve increased collection efficiency.  In addition to the ESP retrofit work, SEI also performed several SCR catalyst layer replacements, ductwork change out and an ID fan rotor replacement.


Guaranteed Outlet PM Emissions:

0.015 lb/mmBTU

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