Chevron Products Company - Salt Lake City

Chevron Products Company

Salt Lake City Refinery

2351 North 1100 West

Salt Lake City, UT 84116


Challenge: Chevron Products Company needed to replace their existing electrostatic precipitator with a new ESP to treat the flue gas from a fluid catalytic cracker (FCC).  The new precipitator needed to meet an emission limit of 5.5 lb/hr when treating the maximum inlet load and maximum gas volume with any combination of two (2) bus sections out of service.  Their objective was to maintain continuous on-line reliability for periods of five (5) years.


Southern Environmental’s Solution:

Southern Environmental, Inc. provided detailed engineering, material supply, fabrication, construction, start up services and 1/10th scale physical model study for a new FCCU ESP, including new inlet and outlet duct work to connect the ESP to the existing inlet and stack.  The discharge electrodes used were SEI’s patented SEI/ELEX RS Rigid Discharge Electrodes (RDE).  Additionally a pre-fabricated Precipitator MCC Building was supplied with the housed equipment pre-installed.  The ESP consisted of a single casing with six (6) mechanical fields in the direction of gas flow and three (3) hoppers.

Project Duration:

 · PO Received: July 2008

 · Materials delivered: March 2009

 · Start-up: September 2009


Detailed Engineering in the following disciplines:

 · Structural

 · Mechanical

 · Electrical

 · Civil


Fabrication and Erection Services:

 · ESP Fabrication

 · Field Technical Support

 · Mechanical Construction

 · Insulation Installation

 · Electrical Installation


Guaranteed Outlet PM Emissions:

0.001 gr/acf when any four (4) of the twelve (12) electrical sections are out of service.


Emissions from the stack are guaranteed not to cause a discharge into the atmosphere of any gases that exhibit greater than 5% opacity when any four (4) of the twelve (12) electrical sections are out of service.

Corporate Headquarters:  6690 West Nine Mile Road, Pensacola, FL  32526   850-944-4475

Midwest Engineering Office: 921 Eastwind Drive, Suite 115, Westerville, OH 43081   614-259-6505