Southern Environmental has 25 years of experience supplying fabric filter solutions with the vast majority of those solutions including acid gas and heavy metal control.


SEI designs each fabric filter as an integral part of the entire air pollution control system, not just a particulate collector.  Filtering velocities, gas distribution, cleaning control and other design criteria all play a part in the efficient removal of acid gasses, mercury, dioxins and other pollutants.  SEI takes a whole system approach to every project.


As with all of its engineered solutions, SEI specializes in custom designed equipment that can be retrofitted into existing facilities.  SEI can provide both panelized design fabric filters to minimize the equipment footprint and steel weight, as well as fully shop assembled and insulated fabric filter modules to minimize field construction time and cost.  Bag access can either be via walk-in plenum or lift-off top lid design, which eliminates confined space entry concerns when inspecting and maintaining filter bags.


Bags and cages are the heart of any fabric filter system.  Proper material selection, based on process conditions and emission guarantees, bag to cage fit and bag to tubesheet fit is essential for a system to operate properly.   If you are having short bag life, high pressure drop or not meeting emission limits then our technical experts can recommend the appropriate bag material.



Southern Environmental, Inc. can provide you with bags that ensure maximum filtration efficiency, cake release and durability.


Many variables affect the type of fabric needed for a specific system.  These variables include:


   • Temperature

   • Moisture Level

   • Particulate Size

   • Gas Stream Chemistry

   • Air-to-Cloth Ratio

   • Particulate Abrasiveness

   • Mechanical Factors, such as cleaning style, installation etc.


Use the chart below to assist in selecting the appropriate bag to meet your filtration system needs.




Proper support of your filter bags is critical for efficient cleaning and long bag life.  Over time, cages become corroded, which can cause wear and premature bag failure.   We can assist you in selecting the proper cage design, material and fit.


Filter cages are available in mild steel, galvanized steel, epoxy coated or stainless steel. If designing for a corrosive environment, multiple piece cages can be provided with dissimilar metals at the connecting point.




The recent advances in long bag technology necessitate the use of multiple piece cages.  The connection between cage pieces must be designed to withstand the rigors of installation and everyday operation without becoming a maintenance burden.  SEI offers several cage connection options.  We can replace your existing cages in-kind or assist you with an upgrade to the latest technology.



• Coal Combustion

• Waste Incinerator

• Sludge Incinerator

• Brick Kiln

• Biomass Combustion

• Plasma Waste Treatment

• Aluminum Furnace

• CaC Furnace

• Glass Furnace


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