SEI’s S3 solutions have achieved .005 lbs/mmBtu and lower outlet emission performance on numerous installations.  The S3 technology developed by SEI is able to achieve these low outlet emission levels with equipment collecting area at 70% of the size of other ESP technologies.


“SEI Synergy translates into VALUE for our Customers.”


Consider an SEI ESP retrofit or replacement, before you spend massive capital dollars on other options.


SEI ELEX Discharge Electrodes

SEI ELEX Discharge Electrodes are virtually unbreakable and not subject to electrical erosion or mechanical wear - the principal causes of discharge electrode failure.


Improved Cleaning Effect


The vibrations set up by the rapping system are transmitted over the entire length of each and every electrode.


Optimum Electrostatic Design


The corona discharge is guaranteed at every point because the points are geometrically disposed throughout the whole effective column of the precipitator.  The excellent corona effect ensures optimum charging of particles and a superior - constant cleaning efficiency.


No Bending or Distortion


The lower guide frame ensures that the Rigid Electrode will not bend or deform, even when subjected to excessive variations of temperature in the precipitator.


Longest installed electrode is 50 ft.



SEI Collecting Plates


SEI furnishes both segmented and one-piece collecting plates.  Experience has shown that these types of plates are mechanically, structurally and aerodynamically the best plates for a precipitator.  Structurally, they stand up well to heavy repeated rapping.  Their roll formed designs resist bowing and resultant misalignment due to temperature and rapping.  When properly rapped, the collected dust is effectively sheared from the plate over its entire length and falls into the collection hopper with minimum re-entrainment.

Electromagnetic Rapping Systems


Discharge electrodes, collecting plates and gas distribution devices are subject to particulate build-up during normal precipitator operation.  When build-up is allowed to occur, electrical clearances are compromised and distorted air flow patterns develop.  Reduced electrical clearance and distorted air flow are primary causes for an ESP losing performance efficiency.


SEI rapper systems have been specifically developed and tested for continuous removal on a wide range of ash types. The key to SEI’s success is programmable controlled rapping, utilizing the most durable equipment.


The SEI electromagnetic rapper is engineered for use with rigid discharge electrodes and collecting plates.  The coil is epoxy encapsulated which ensures long life and maintenance free operation.  The system is microprocessor based and designed for maximum service life and easy operator interface.



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